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Another Halloween themed post.

Part I: Superstitions











Anonymous asked:

Who do you think you are trying to be male? You were born female for a reason, to bare children and look after your man. Get back to reality.



You’re ignorance astound me. Allow me to enlighten you.

I was born female because of a genetic flaw. It runs in the family. My uncle is transgender, and its because of people like you that they’re too scared to be the girl they feel that they are. My grandma would be considered transgender, because she’s always felt like a boy. Ask any doctor, they’ll agree with me when I say its pretty much like a birth defect, one they can’t catch on to until its too late. And I wish they would have caught on, trust me, I want nothing more then to be what people define as a “real boy”.

I was born female because of a genetic flaw, not to bear children and look after my man as you put it.

And if you still feel the need to be an asshole, I would appreciate it if you didn’t send it here. This is an ask blog. I do not need to be explaining things like this here. This blog is for Armin, not for transphobic hate.

Thank you.

Aside from the transphobic part of what the anon said, just because someone is female it doesn’t mean they were meant solely to please a man and have children. If anything it would help for there to be less reproduction due to the population growing too fast, because soon Earth will be over populated. (soon in terms of years Earth has been around not soon for humans ) 

Females are not just there to look after the man and for him to fuck, and to pop babies out. Take a look around you and you’ll see females are meant for so much more than that. 

Dude, so many things wrong with this. So, what are ladies who love ladies supposed to do? Grin and bear it? And transgender people are just supposed to ignore it?

Do you have ANY idea how absolutely AWFUL it is to be miserable with something about yourself that you can’t help? I CANNOT imagine the pain and just complete hopelessness they must feel.

Do NOT even get me started on the sexist bit, goddamn.

Let me tell you something
There will be days when you wake up and wish you hadn’t
There will be days when you’ll want to die
People will tell you that it will get better and you’ll smile and nod
But you’ll go home and stare at a bottle of pills
You won’t take them because you have a sister who loves you and you almost broke her the last time
But you’ll carry them around in your purse so when you go to grab your wallet or your keys, you’ll hear them rattle
The rattle will comfort you and remind you that you hold the power of life and death within you and you’ll feel the tears burn the inside of your eyelids
You will carry death in your heart
Every time you remember his smile or the heat of his touch or the words he said to you, you’ll reach for the bottle
Every time you reach for the boy waiting in your bed and he doesn’t feel the same, you’ll think of that bottle in your purse
It will tempt you
It will haunt you
There will be days when you wish for death
You’ll pour those pills into the palm of your hand and you will shake so hard you almost drop them
But you won’t take them
Please don’t take them

A letter to myself., Dana Rose (via shotgunheart)

Jesus, this hits the nail on the head.

(Source: danarosepoems)

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